aceteam Slim Wooden E-Bike

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Speedy, sustainable and stylish - meet the Slim Wooden E-Bike by aceteam Berlin. The ash wood... mehr
aceteam Slim Wooden E-Bike

Speedy, sustainable and stylish - meet the Slim Wooden E-Bike by aceteam Berlin.

The ash wood frame resembles the shape of an eye, giving the Slim Wooden E-Bike its unique look. The rider is seated lower than on a regular bike, combined with a state-of-the-art engine the Slim Wooden E-Bike enables a one-of-a-kind rinding experience. 

The Slim Wooden E-Bike is powered by FlyKly respectively Zehus + engines. Therefore the Slim Wooden E-Bike's frame is only 70 mm / 2,7 inches wide and only weighs 16,5 kg / 36 lbs. All electronics are installed inside the frame and are, just as the wood is, resistant to any kind of weather. Only in the case of any form of accident resulting in scratches on the wood immediate repair is required. This can easily be done at home applying nail polish on affected areas. The eco-friendly wood frame merely consumes one eight of the energy its aliminium counterpart does along the production process. Working with the latest woodworking technology gives acetam the freedom to customize frame size and equipment of the Slim Wooden E-Bike to personl satisfaction.

The Slim Wooden E-Bike is an eye-catcher and has already been honored with numerous design awards such as The Green Buddy Award 2014 or the Green Product Award 2015. Furthermore it was nominated for the prestigous iF product design award.


Typ: E-Bike | Single-Speed
Rahmen: Esche
Motor: Zehus+, Smart Wheel FlyKly Motor
Bremsen: Magura HS11
Antrieb: Gates Carbon Drive
Gewicht: 16,5 kg
Reichweite: bis 40 km
Kurbel: Shimano FC-R350
Kette: Gates Carbon Drive
Laufräder: H PLUS SON SL 42
Sattelstütze: LightSKIN mit integr. Rücklicht
Lenker: InnosLED
aceteam Slim Wooden E-Bike
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